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Madeleine Mant
Palaeopathology of human remains at ancient Mendes (Tell er-Rub'a), Egypt, pp. 1-27
Abstract, PDF (404 KB)

Anahit Khudaverdyan
Trauma in human remains from Bronze Age and Iron Age archaeological sites in Armenia, pp. 29-52
Abstract, PDF (836 KB)

Benjamin S. Arbuckle
Pace and process in the emergence of animal husbandry in Neolithic Southwest Asia, pp. 53-81
Abstract, PDF (319 KB)

Louise Bertini, Edwin Cruz-Rivera
The size of ancient Egyptian pigs. A biometrical analysis using molar width, pp. 83-107
Abstract, PDF (366 KB)

Ahmad Y. Abu Dalou, Mohammad F. Alrousan, Ali M. Khwaileh, Wassef Sekhaneh, Ayman AlShboul
Thirty years of the Department of Anthropology at Yarmouk University, Jordan (1984-2014). The overview of bioarchaeological research, pp. 109-118
Abstract, PDF (134 KB)

Short Fieldwork Reports

Human remains from Bakr Awa, Iraq, 2013, pp. 119-123. PDF (516 KB)
Human remains from Pigi Athinas, Greece, 1999-2011, pp. 125-137. PDF (442 KB)

Issue date: 26 May 2014